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          Communication interface conversion module
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          RemoDAQ-8515 RemoDAQ-8515 RemoDAQ-8515 module is a 5-port industrial-grade 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch for fast and cost-efficient network expansion. They connect up to 5 workstations and auto-detect both 10 and 100 Mbps networ...
          RemoDAQ-8578 RemoDAQ-8578 The RemoDAQ-8578 is the transforming module that can transform serial port signal to Ethernet signal. The serial port can choose RS232/485 2 work modes.
          RemoDAQ-8520B RemoDAQ-8520B RemoDAQ-8520B is a module which RS232/485 serial port(Com1) to extend two channels RS232/485 serial port (Com2/3) and three serial ports all can select RS232/485 work mode.
          RemoDAQ-8520C RemoDAQ-8520C RemoDAQ-8520C is a RS-232/422 serial port relay and conversion module. Which can select RS-232/422 work mode by switch.
          R-8510 R-8510 RS-485 Repeater Module
          R-8570 R-8570 R-8570  2-terminal RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet terminal server  
          R-8520 R-8520 Isolated RS/232 to RS/485 Converter Module
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